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Who we are?

RexIT Team – Web & Mobile Solutions

RexIT is a team of expert and high skilled professionals, who always strive for excellence collaborating with unusual and outstanding projects in the creation of innovative products. Your success is our success as well: we are picky in projects choosing to work on and prefer to collaborate with people and companies, who share the same values and views, so everybody enjoys the results and achievements in the end. We’re all in the same boat - that’s why we’re working side-by-side with Friends, not partners or clients.Our team focused on highload projects, business process automation for web and mobile.

Our goal is to make your business smarter, agile, sustainable, automated, efficient and lucrative as possible.

What we do?

Our tools of trade and the benefits of working with us

  • Angular / React Js / jQuery

    We are so good in it! With latest technologies we can enliven your design in best ways. By using responsive layout your website will be great on any device.
  • Professional design

    Our designers have very sophisticated taste. Whatever you need website, mobile application, rebranding or just business cards - we dont look for fashion, unique style is our goal. We know how to reach it.
  • PHP / Golang / Node.js

    Like best surgeons heal human's organs - our professional team can fix and upgrade any functional entrails of yours web or mobile products with very steady hand.
  • QA - 100% code coverage

    The one and only our "bad" feature is perfectionism. No matter how - manual or functional - we will test your IT product in the best way.
  • Marketing solutions

    Producing of your web platform is not always end of our job. Our team of high skilled marketers will promote your website or application in most effective way, so much as possible potential clients find it all over the world.
  • Mobile Applications

    21st century dictates its own rules. In the era of mobile devices and gadgets we are not lagging behind from reality and producing high grade application for them on any operation system.


Our skills overview

Here's quick glance at the tools and technologies we're working with
  • Adobe CC Suite
  • Angular / React Js / jQuery / Node.js / Express.js
  • PHP/ Yii / Yii2
  • Golang / Revel
  • Ionic / Cordova / Android / IOS
  • PostgreSQL / MySQL / MongoDB / Redis / Elasticsearch
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