Basketball Club

  • 01

    Development of a platform to keep statistics on results for the sports section

  • 02

    Integration with third-party services (MindBody, calendar synchronization) to create a unified system

  • 03

    Automation of data collection from sports sensors

Cooperation period:

About company

The organization is a basketball and baseball sports section with branches in three cities in the United States. It trains youth ages 9 to 18 at a variety of skill levels. The section offers a highly effective, long-term training program using the latest in sports technology.


By contacting us, the client demonstrated all the tools that were used to organize the work of the section. The problem was that for the correct systematization of data there was no single platform where it would be possible to keep statistics on the results. The data was scattered, and additional resources were required to collect and study it.


We carefully studied the functionality of the tools that were already in use. In order to combine all the advantages of the services beneficially, we suggested creating a platform where coaches and athletes can interact comfortably.

A unified platform for keeping statistics

We developed a system in which we took into account 3 roles for interaction: administrator, coach, athlete. Now the administrator registers the coach, the coach creates a workout and adds the athletes' results, and the athletes note their well-being data. All authorization is done through the Mindbody platform. In addition, we have integrated sports sensor data, information from which is automatically uploaded to the platform.


Now, without switching systems, the trainer can perform all the actions necessary for correct operation:

  • mark those who have signed up for a class;
  • complete a well-being questionnaire for each athlete;
  • create an exercise plan for the training session;
  • record each athlete's score.

In addition, all participants have access to data on the results of the selected period. Athletes can track their statistics and coaches can evaluate their athletes' progress.

The technologies


React, Redux



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