Goncharenko Center

  • 01

    Development of a website for an educational center

  • 02

    Creating a dashboard with a task manager and cost accounting

  • 03

    Optimization of remote personnel control

Cooperation period: - present time

About company

"Goncharenko Center" is a cultural and educational project aimed at the development of the population anywhere in a country. Educational spaces of the Goncharenko Center are located in small towns of the country. People of any age can study there. In addition, the center offers online webinars for teachers.


Representatives of the Goncharenko Center project approached us with the need to optimize the control of personnel work, as well as to simplify the exchange of tasks, both within the office and between the center and branches. The management had no possibility to be constantly present in the branches to carry out control due to the remote location of the offices. It was necessary to create a system that would allow to do this without being tied to the workplace.


After discussing the details and studying the client's request in detail, we suggested developing a solution that would greatly simplify interaction between branches and help correctly organize personnel control.

Dashboard with a task manager and cost accounting

We have created a single platform for sharing tasks between employees. Now the center has a functional tool that allows you to track the status of each branch (open/closed, alarm on/off, cleaning was carried out/not carried out), display statistics on expenses, set tasks and monitor their implementation.

Company website

Developed a website to demonstrate the company's activities on the network. Implemented a convenient interface for easy presentation of information.


Thanks to the developed solution, our customer solved the main problem. Now, in order to track the work of each branch, the management does not need to go to the site.

All information is available in real time, and task notifications come via email and Telegram bot.

In addition, communication between the center's employees has been greatly simplified due to the structuring of information and clear task setting.

The technologies


React, Redux



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