• 01

    Corporate website development

  • 02

    Development of personal account with 1C integration

  • 03

    Implementation of file storage for employees and customers

Cooperation period: - present time

About company

"Lukro" is a large Ukrainian company that provides services for the organization of international transportation of containerized cargo. Among the main services: sea, rail, road and air transportation. In 2020 the company took 3rd place in the Forwarding Agent of the Year nomination, moreover Lukro was awarded for the largest transportation volume increase among the leading companies in its industry.


Representatives of Lukro turned to Rexit to solve the problem of poor communication between customers and managers. It was necessary to improve service and offer the company's clients a convenient format of interaction.


We carefully studied the problem of the customer and the specifics of the company, and then implemented the client's request, introducing new tools into the company.

Website with a personal account and 1C integration

We have developed a corporate website with a personal account for customers who are registered in the system by Lukro managers through 1C.

File storage for data

For convenient data storage, we have implemented a file storage that can be used by both clients and employees.


With the introduction of new tools, we have achieved the main goal - greatly simplified and improved communication between customers and managers.

To work in the cabinet, Lukro employees register clients through 1C, after which the system creates a user and sends a login link to the client's email. In the personal office the user sees all the necessary information, and convenient file storage greatly simplifies document flow.

The technologies


React, Redux



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