• 01

    Development of ERP/CRM system for store order processing

  • 02

    Development of Android application for tablets

  • 03

    Developing the company website

Cooperation period: - present time

About company

Möbelpost is a German startup company offering furniture delivery services. The company consists of an extensive network of certified freight forwarders. Thanks to a unique algorithm for calculating the exact volume of cargo, Möbelpost guarantees the best cost and speed of delivery.


Möbelpost came to us with the need to automate the receipt of delivery orders from stores without integrating into third-party systems. At that stage, the company did not have a unified order accounting platform, and it was difficult to coordinate delivery orders. The company representatives wanted to make the process of receiving orders as convenient as possible.


We analyzed the company structure, studied competitors' solutions, took into account the client's wishes and proposed to develop a system that would not only greatly simplify the work with orders, but also help to attract subcontractors. In order to optimize the process of receiving and distributing orders, we have implemented 2 key solutions.

ERP/CRM systems

We created a platform consisting of a website, administrative panel and personal cabinet of a subcontractor. In the administrative panel you can set exact delivery prices due to the wide variability of conditions (cost of goods, size, distance, floor, elevator availability in the building, etc.) And on the site you can place an order from any store that is serviced by Möbelpost.

Android app

We installed tablets with the application in the halls of stores, pre-flashing the devices for each store.


Thanks to the creation of a unified system, we not only automated the process of receiving orders, but also expanded the company's capabilities by engaging subcontractors. Now, after an order is created, it goes to the administrator for moderation. After successful moderation, all nearby subcontractors receive an email or message that there is a new delivery order. The first subcontractor to accept the order fulfills it.

In addition, the administrator now has access to the accounting panel, which generates two invoices. The first one is for delivery for the customer. The second for the subcontractor, where you can set any amount of commission (depending on the terms of cooperation).

The technologies


React, Redux



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