Marketplace "Pochatok"

  • 01

    Creation of a CRM system for tracking rental status and transaction details

  • 02

    Development of an Android application for cashiers

  • 03

    Integration with BIXOLON mobile receipt and label printer

Cooperation period: - present time

About company

"Pochatok" is a large food wholesale and retail market, focused on selling products to a wide range of consumers. The market is located in a densely populated area and covers a population of 500 thousand people.


Representatives of the company turned to Rexit with a desire to systematize the accounting of the turnover of funds for renting seats in the market. Previously, they could not track the real picture, because the collection of money was done manually. This created confusion, in which a seat could be sold twice, it was difficult to monitor the current status of the seat (booked/free/occupied) and the cashiers responsible for the transaction.


We carefully studied the target audience, the current structure of work and customer needs. The development of the solution for the Cob market was divided into several blocks.

Creation of a CRM-system

We have developed a CRM-system that allows to display the status of rental space at each site in real time; conduct an automatic record of money received and given out. In addition, the system records information about the history of seat rent with the responsible cashier and the date/time of the order.

Development of a mobile application

We created an Android-based application in which cashiers make transactions and mark the status of a place: free/occupied/booked. The data on the status of seats, for the convenience of tenants, are additionally displayed on a large screen installed in the market.

Integration with the BIXOLON mobile receipt and label printer

Immediately after placing an order in the application, the system prints a receipt, confirming the fact of payment.

Setting up a deposit check via QR code

A mandatory tenant payment is a "cleanliness deposit," which is refundable only if the vendor has cleaned up after himself. In order to track the return of the deposit, we have implemented a QR code on the back of the check. By scanning the code, the data opens in the app, where you can see the status of the deposit, which eliminates the possibility of cashing it out again.


As a result of our cooperation, the client received a solution to the main request - the systematization of the turnover of funds.

Thanks to automatic accounting, the market increased turnover by 1.9% due to the reduction of financial losses due to human factor.

In addition, the available accounting of information on the status of seats allowed us to simplify the work of cashiers and offer a convenient service for tenants.

The technologies


React, Redux



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