Platform for traffic accident monitoring

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    Creating a dashboard with data and statistics

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    Automate site version updates

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    Optimizing the analysis of large amounts of data

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About company

Our client is a company that provides a set of solutions for controlling the situation on the roads. The solutions include a large number of video analytics products for intelligent transportation systems (ITS). The company automates the process of analyzing the data received from the video surveillance cameras on the roads. The developed solutions can independently, without human intervention, recognize accidents, traffic jams, violations or dangerous situations on the road. Based on the analyzed data, the responsible persons go on site to resolve the situations that have arisen.


At the time of the request, the client was already using software with built-in machine learning (ML) capabilities, which analyzed traffic accidents and jams by video, counted the number of cars and divided cars into categories. This software could be connected to any camera, avoiding the costly purchase of cameras with ML built in. The problem was that the customer did not have a tool to correctly display the final result of the analysis to the users.


After studying the problem and discussing the details of the work with the customer, our team suggested creating a cloud solution that allowed us to set up effective data visualization.

Dashboard with data, statistics and analysis

We created a system with online camera feeds, where the user can set up notifications for cameras and incidents of interest. The platform displays statistics on the desired indicators and, with the help of artificial intelligence, conducts analytics according to the data collected by the cameras.


After implementing the solution, users were able to analyze large amounts of data and sample for accurate statistics. Now in "one window" you can see data about each lane on the road, learn about traffic congestion at intersections, the number of cars and accidents.

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